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1 for each of our bonded pairs!

Baba & Ivy

Baloo & Pip

Baba and Ivy and Pip and Baloo’s foster mom is moving in October and can’t take them with.  These precious kitties deserve the most incredible adoptive homes ever (with the most incredible humans) with everything they want and need.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had the right permanent match we, and they, are seeking come our way for either pair yet, so we will need to find 2 new foster homes (one for each pair) in the meantime so they have somewhere to live (we are an entirely foster home-based rescue – we do not have a physical shelter.  In fact, we rescue those animals that wouldn’t do well in shelter environments and give them the opportunity to live in homes while they await adoption – we rely on good, kind, giving people to open their hearts and homes to our animals in need as foster parents!).  Our foster homes are selected to meet what each individual animal needs and wants to thrive, just like our adoptive homes, so you never know…maybe their new foster families will fall in love with them forever!


Let us tell you a little about them, pair by pair.

Baba & Ivy:


It’s only fitting to start with this pair because Baba is the mom of Ivy and Baloo and Pip (and actually 3 other kitties in our rescue)!  The story of this very smart kitty started with us in the fall of 2018.  Very smart, because of all the yards in all the land, Baba chose our Director Lisa’s to wander through – and did she come to the right place!  When they first met back then, Baba appeared to be an older kitten – maybe around 11 months old, and seemed to have had little to no experience with people before.  Lisa worked diligently, every day, to gain her trust.  The weather was turning more winter-like and was unseasonably cold, so Lisa built Baba an insulated outdoor cat shelter to stay warm.  Their relationship continued to grow and one night, while inside getting Baba more food, she looked out the window and saw a little kitten sitting next to her, eating from the bowl with her!  The next night, there were 2!  And a few nights later, there was a 3rd!  Baba trusted Lisa so much, she brought her her babies!  The kittens all had very bad colds, and the cold and snow weren’t helping. We were able to get the 3 kittens into a foster home within days of them showing up to begin getting them healthy.  We made the decision to look for a separate foster home for Baba as her kittens were older (about 8 weeks) and to make sure there weren’t any more of her kittens out there that hadn’t shown themselves yet and needed her to survive in the cold.


Lisa continued to work on Baba’s socialization and without having to watch over her kittens, Baba and Lisa were becoming fast friends!  Baba rubbed against her legs, enjoyed pets, and took to toys right away!  Lisa continued to build trust with Baba, too, and got her to follow her into her garage where she set up a space heater and sat with Baba for hours each day to keep her warm.


Baba needed a quiet foster home to succeed and it took us a painfully long time to find one (the animals we serve need quiet homes!  If you are reading this and have one, please, become a foster parent for us!).  She had never been in a home before.  The first day in her foster home was scary for her, but she showed us her bravery again, and her foster mom quickly earned her trust and within days, she was seeking her out for gentle pets that she seemed to melt into.  Safe at last.


We thought Baba’s midsection looked rounded and on February 2, 2019, she proved our suspicions true and gave birth to 3 more kittens – Ivy, Pip, and Baloo – this time, in the warmth of a home.


Baba is now 2 years and 10 months old.  She is a tiny little kitty (all of her offspring are bigger than her), solid black (except for a little white in the tufts of her ears) and has an adorable button nose!


Baba loves gentle pets and chin and ear scratches…especially in the bathroom!  For a kitty that had never been in a home until she was a year old, it’s surprising she has such a fascination with one of the more noisy rooms in the house, but when foster mom is in there, Baba goes running to her to rub against her legs and roll over in delight – it’s heartwarming!


Baba, being a young girl herself, loves to play!  She will often initiate games of chase through the home with her offspring.  She also likes to carry a stuffed blueberry toy around in her mouth while meowing, announcing her “capture.”  It’s a sight to see!


Baba is an amazing mother – nurturing, patient, and caring – and has been to all 6 of her babies!  But as her 2nd litter of kittens grew and developed their own personalities, she developed a special bond with her brown and white tabby, Ivy, likely because they share many of the same qualities.


Ivy was the last and smallest kitten to be born, but the first to open her eyes and the first to take her first steps.  She is 1 year and 7 months old now.  Being born in our care, she’s been around people since birth, but is just very shy and sensitive by nature.  Baba picks up on that and has always given her extra attention and comforts here.


Baba and Ivy are always together and can be seen snuggling, napping, and cuddling with their little arms and paws intertwined.  Baba grooms and cares for all her kittens (even now as adolescents) but its only Ivy that grooms her mom in return.  It’s so endearing to bear witness to!


Ivy loves to have one-on-one time with her foster mom – whether sitting on her desk as she works, or cuddling up in bed in the morning.  The personal attention allows her to shine. 


Ivy, like her mom, also enjoys playing (‘Da Bird wand toy being her favorite – she can’t wait to play with it with you!).  While she will play with her siblings, too, their personalities are much stronger than hers, and Ivy shrinks into the background.  Ivy is smart, confident, and curious when her sisters aren’t stealing the show and are off playing in another room or napping somewhere else.  While the need to move animals to a different foster home is always distressing (as change is hard on all animals, but especially the shy ones) it’s unavoidable in this case, so we choose to see it as an opportunity to do even better in fulfilling the needs of these animals and as Ivy has shown us from living with her sisters, she and Baba need to be in a home where they are the only animals to reach their full potential.


This mother/daughter duo really love their tranquil lifestyle – and need a foster (individual or couple) who love and live it, too, for them to continue to thrive and be the best version of themselves.  An adult-only home that is calm, quiet, and peaceful will allow them to be confident and secure in their space, and with their person(s).  For the shy ones, trust is earned, not given.  Baba and Ivy won’t be joining you in the bathroom for petting, or cuddled up beside you in bed the first night they arrive in your home.  They likely will take up residence under the bed as they try to figure out why they are in a new place with new people…until you show them they are safe, and okay, and you are there to protect and take care of them.  It’s rewarding to give this gift to animals who are shy and scared…and to watch them blossom…because you helped them become everything they were meant to be!  Someone who is patient, understanding, that will give them all the time they need to adjust and at their pace, and will meet them where they are at (literally and figuratively) with their food, slow blinks, and reassurance (and with our support and guidance) so they can adjust and are on their way again to a romp through the home with a toy blueberry in tow, and not a care in the world. The girls are very comfortable, loving, and affectionate with their person after that trust is earned, but they are terrified of strangers.  A home without a lot of guests coming and going frequently is needed so Baba and Ivy aren’t afraid in their home.


Pip & Baloo:


Pip and Baloo are Baba’s other 2 kittens from her second litter and have been inseparable, and best friends, from just a few days old.  Now both 1 year and 7 months old as well, their bond is as strong as ever!


Baloo is solid black, just like her mom (but way bigger!).  She takes after her dad in size, and many other respects, actually.  Our Director believes she saw the kittens’ presumed father hanging around her patio with Baba one night that fall of 2018.  He was mostly white with patches of brown tabby on his head and body, but he had the same face shape and the same quirky cartoon-like expression that Baloo makes in just about every situation – they just have to be related!  Baloo was named after the Jungle Book character because when she was born, she was kind of pear-shaped and bear-like – and still is today!


Pip is the pretty princess of the litter…and if it wasn’t for there being a Siamese in Baba’s first litter, we would have been very surprised by Pip’s arrival!  As neither her mom (nor suspected dad) are Siamese, and Baba gave birth to two Siamese mixes, Baba must carry a Siamese gene herself.  Pip has sky-blue eyes and seal point coloring.  While Pip may look like a beauty queen (so of course wants lots of attention and will flirt for it) she’s a little awkward and clumsy which adds to her charm.


These two are ALWAYS together and love each other so much.  They are both outgoing and charismatic, but it’s Baloo who is the bold leader of the pair.  Wherever Baloo goes, Pip goes.  Whatever Baloo does, Pip does.  It’s so sweet!


Baloo is curious about everything and is first to greet you when you arrive home.  Pip won’t be far behind.  You see, Pip has a bit of “FOMO” (fear of missing out).  If Baloo (or one of the other cats) is being pet, Pip will come running from another room and will also need pets!


In the rare instance the girls aren’t attached to each other’s side (perhaps Pip is sleeping on top of her mom or other sister.  Yes.  Pip likes sleeping ON TOP of other cats), Baloo is by her foster mom’s side – supervising her in the kitchen, sitting next to her while she is watching TV, or generally keeping an eye on her, whatever she’s doing.  Baloo is overall, just a very laid-back cat, so while a great supervisor-kitty, don’t be surprised if she falls asleep on the job.


Both girls do like to sleep in bed with their human – sometimes at the foot of the bed, sometimes between their person’s feet, and sometimes right along your side.


Pip and Baloo also love to play!  They will leap into the air with great displays of athleticism trying to catch their ‘Da Bird wand toy.  Pip also enjoys a good crinkle ball.


Baloo and Pip would do best in the same type of foster home Baba and Ivy need, but for a different reason.  Pip was diagnosed with Juvenile Periodontitis, an autoimmune condition where the body over-reacts to the plaque on the teeth – even with no plaque visible to the human eye – causing significant inflammation at the gum line.  Pip was seen by our veterinary dental specialist who recommended partial mouth extractions as the best way to address the condition (as even after a dental cleaning, the plaque starts forming again only 20 minutes after) and she had her 14 rear teeth removed.  The procedure eliminated the inflammation where those teeth once were and we hope with time, and some additional complementary care, those teeth being gone will calm down the inflammation around her remaining teeth and those won’t need to be removed in the future.


As autoimmune conditions can be exacerbated by stress, Pip and Baloo need a low-stress, calm, and peaceful foster home environment with a person or persons who can be described as the same.  With Pip’s inflammation currently isolated to just her gum line, minimizing her stress will decrease the likelihood that her condition progresses to a more global mouth inflammation (which is more serious).  As such, Pip and Baloo would do best in an adult-only foster home.  They could also do well in a home with a high school-aged child if they have a mellow, laid-back personality and maintain that dynamic in the home.


We also feel Baloo and Pip would be best as the only animals in the home.  More animals in the home equals more stress (which we want to keep in check for the health and wellbeing of Pip).  And Baloo and Pip have enough personality to fill an entire home!  As the girls do get along well with other kitties as evidenced in their current foster home, we would consider a home with just one young, playful, easy-going and fun-loving, non-dominant resident male cat (keeping in mind the need to not cause stress to Pip).  No dogs in the home.


Both Baba and Ivy and Pip and Baloo’s foster family must be able to commit to them, respectively, for as long as they need (until they are adopted).  Animals who are shy and sensitive (like Baba and Ivy) or have a medical need (especially one that can be flared by stress like Pip’s) need that stability.


We support, guide, and work closely with our foster families and the animals in our rescue.  In order to do so, our fosters must be located in the counties of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, or Ozaukee. 


Milwaukee Pets Alive covers all veterinary care, food, and supplies for our foster animals.


We have 2 pairs of kitties who need your love and help.  If you’re an amazing person whose heart is called to those in need and you and your home match what we are describing above, please help and foster either Baba and Ivy, or Pip and Baloo.  A foster application must be completed and returned to be considered as a foster for our organization and can be found under the “FOSTER” tab at the top of this page.     


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