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Cat Fosters Needed!!

Fostering: The best thing you do with your life may be saving theirs

Fostering is providing a temporary, loving home to an animal rescued by our organization while they await adoption into their forever home.

Milwaukee Pets Alive (MPA) focuses on rescuing those animals from Milwaukee animal control that are passed over by other organizations and have no other options for life except for through our rescue.  They may be shy, scared, injured, aged, differently-abled, need extra resources, or just have been at that facility for too long for whatever reason.  All deserve to be loved and cherished. 

Milwaukee Pets Alive is an entirely foster home-based rescue.  We do not have a physical shelter.  All of our rescued animals live in homes as members of a family, not in cages, as they await adoption.  As such, the number of lives we can save depends entirely and directly on the number of foster homes we have.  How many animals we can save is up to the people in our community. 

As Milwaukee Pets Alive rescues animals that do not have interest from other organizations, as we look into the eyes of our beloved rescued animals, we are looking at animals that would not be alive today if not for the kindness and selflessness of a foster family that opened their heart and home to them - that said “yes, your life matters” and their actions showed it.  Our fosters have the ability to save lives that otherwise would not be here.  Our fosters make a difference in this community, and in this world.

Thousands of animals continue to die anonymously and alone at our animal control every year.  That is the population of animals we are trying to save – that you can save by becoming a foster for Milwaukee Pets Alive.  They need us.  We are their only hope.  Will you help?

Our foster families love to share stories of the reward of being a savior - a foster family - to this most special, most in need population of animals.  A life is here because of them – receiving love, and giving love.  They watch them blossom, and thrive, and become confident and happy, because they cared for a being that needed them.  Our foster families will also tell you that its true they rescued an animal that would not otherwise have had life, but it was really them, the humans, that were rescued by the innocent soul in their care and because of their experience together.  

The amazing things we could do and achieve if only more people would foster.  What a beautiful place our community could be – for our animals, but for our people as well.  Please, become a foster to an animal that needs you.         

Working together to serve our most precious animal companions

Milwaukee Pets Alive foster families are mentored by our volunteer foster mentors through every step of fostering and caring for their foster animal.  This begins with a new foster orientation and home visit where we visit the home of the foster, meet all humans and resident animals in the home, as well as look for any spots in the home where the foster animal could get into trouble in order to provide the safest and healthiest experience for the foster animal who has been through so much to get to our care.  We also go through a comprehensive packet of information and resources that the foster family keeps for reference describing expectations, common questions, and tools such as how to introduce foster animals to resident animals, medication logs, animal body language charts, etc., etc.  When dealing with living beings, every situation that will arise cannot be anticipated, but going through this orientation helps our fosters feel knowledgeable, confident, and prepared for the arrival of their foster animals and all have found it very beneficial.

After a foster animal is placed with a foster family, we check in with our foster families regularly via phone, and in person, to get updates on the animal and answer any questions they may have.  The population of animals we rescue often come with extra needs so our volunteers are guiding and managing the care of these animals every step of the way, right alongside our foster families.  We provide in-person help with caring for any needs our foster animals may have.  

Foster families are encouraged to send updates and photos often of the animals they know better than anyone as they live with them 24/7 so we can all get to know these wonderful lives better.  Our foster families, and the wonderful animals we all serve, are an integral part of the MPA family.  They are never alone in this process.         

Milwaukee Pets Alive covers all veterinary expenses for our foster animals.

We provide a full set of supplies for your foster animal – food, litter, beds, blankets, carrier, bowls, toys, scratchers, grooming tools, etc. – everything they need to be happy, comfortable…and spoiled!  One of the most simple pleasures - for us and our rescued animals - is giving them these simple comforts and securities immediately upon rescue.  Many of the animals we rescue have never had something soft to sleep on – or toys to play with! To see them settle in to their new blanket and bed we give them, or run after a jingle ball through the house, the weight and the worry of the world lifted from their little innocent minds, will bring tears to your eyes.  You will never forget that moment.  In that instant, we know they know, from the day they are rescued by us, they will be safe, loved, and cared for - the reason we are all here.

Our foster families are responsible for:

  • A commitment to your foster animal for as long as they need, and until they are adopted into a home that meets their needs and preferences.

  • Providing any care specific to your foster animal.

  • Providing a safe, clean, healthy, kind, and caring home environment for your foster animal to thrive in.

  • Animal companions are family, and our foster families love their foster animal as a member of their own family.  Milwaukee Pets Alive rescues animals that have had it the worst of the worst.  Some have been abandoned and neglected.  Others have even been abused or tortured.  Many have never known love.  When they are here, they are loved.  One of the greatest gifts you will give your foster animal is to love and cherish them as they deserve.  As family.  From this day forward.  Even when our animals are adopted into forever homes, they will always be a member of our Milwaukee Pets Alive family.  And that starts with you.

  • Foster families must be able to transport their foster animal to any needed veterinary appointments. 

To learn more about the MPA Foster Program contact
To become a MPA foster, download the application (button at top of page), print it out, fill it in (a physical signature is needed) and either
  1. scan and email it to (we cannot accept photographs of the application)
  2. fax it to 414-939-8705
  3. or mail it to Milwaukee Pets Alive, PO Box 370137, Milwaukee, WI 53237
Thank you for your interest in saving the lives that need us most in our Milwaukee community!!!
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