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The mission of Milwaukee Pets Alive (MPA) is to end the killing of Milwaukee’s homeless pets through comprehensive programs and resources benefiting and serving the people and companion animals of Milwaukee first. Our top priority is that all healthy, treatable and re-habitable animals at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) achieve live outcomes.


About Milwaukee Pets Alive

Milwaukee Pets Alive is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization led by a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers. We are continuously assessing the gaps in services and programming in Milwaukee County that have led to a consistent and stagnant rate of more than 6,500 homeless pets dying in our community every year.  We then fill in those gaps with progressive programming that meets the needs of Milwaukee, to finally put an end to the killing of Milwaukee pets.


So as not to duplicate the work of other local organizations and agencies, our focus is entirely on those healthy, treatable and rehabilitatable animals at MADACC that have been passed over by other groups, are about to be killed, and have no other options for live outcomes.

We use a high-volume, high-quality approach to adoptions by bringing the animals to the people — increasing their visibility to the public, thereby increasing the chances they will quickly find forever homes!


We are 100% Milwaukee Pets!  By helping Milwaukee Pets Alive, you are helping local, Milwaukee animals, in YOUR Milwaukee community.  The animals in our program come from Milwaukee Animal Control only – not from outside cities or states.  Our focus is on helping Milwaukee pets and Milwaukee people first.  If we find that all our Milwaukee homeless pets and people’s needs are met and we have extra resources, only then will we extend our services to communities outside Milwaukee County.


Our vision is for Milwaukee County to be recognized as one of the safest communities for companion animals in the United States.



Do You Want To Help Us Save Lives?

If so, please don't hestitate to contact us. We are always looking for more fosters and volunteers! Whether you're looking to adopt or foster an animal or are looking to share your skills through volunteer work, we would love to have you aboard.


Feel free to contact us anytime. Our contact information can be found HERE. Together, we can save Milwaukee animal lives!


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